The Boyride Story: Search for Endless Summer

If you had enough time and money, you could follow summer around the world, and make it endless. But you’re a young American skater and surfer, just out of school and stoked for the challenge of five story rip curls and wicked half-pipe ramps like nothing at home. So you head for the legendary surfing beaches and the streets of California, where you can live in liquid time, sip the jetstream and ride those giants into the sunset. And skateboarding is what you do if there are no waves big enough, or if your half-pipe is in the local skate park. If there’s only flat ground, you go crazy with kickflips and the nearest steel railing.

Surfing, and the skate culture that it spawned has always attracted rebels, punks, and risk-takers,  guys who defy the ordinary with rad tats, piercings, and tricked-out longboards that make a statement. A lot of these tight-bodied young guys are straight -- but not narrow -- so they’re ready to peel and smoke some pipe with another hot dude when the mood strikes them.

I’m J.D.Cole, a SoCal surfer and skater who grew up on those very  streets and beaches that are a magnet to hot young guys from all over the U.S. A few years back, when I was younger, the gear and the boards were a bit of an old school version of what’s out there now, but the spirit was the same. We’d smoke it if we could get our hands on it – and that included some hard dick on the dunes as the Pacific sun set over Malibu Beach. Good times those were, and I’ve never forgotten them. 

I shared a house with my lover Landon not far from that famous Cali surf, on a hillside that also attracted skater dudes who found our steep street the perfect thrill. We still had a few moves ourselves and some of the dudes got a kick out of seeing a couple of vets perform some classic tricks. And that got us to thinking…

These guys don’t have a lot of green for new boards, wheels, or wetsuits, so what if we served up some ready cash for a couple hours in front of our video camera while they got into some suckin,’  fuckin’ and sploogin’ – which they’re already into anyways? The first few were fine with it, and was born. After the site went up, a steady stream of guys from all over were up for a free trip to L.A. to ride those waves, and each other. We had a blast shooting these radical free-balling young fuckers as they stroked one out on the beach or got their first taste of dick and ass under the Cali sun. Along the way our friend Donovan in Seattle wanted to get on board and showcase some hot dudes from his part of the Pacific coast, and these movies are part of the mix too.

But everything that’s right and perfect eventually has to fade and, a little while back, after four years of our surfer / skater porn adventure, we were ready to move on.

What remains is a legacy of hot young surfer and skater dudes captured on video with the gorgeous California beaches and our lush, tropical back yard as a backdrop. They'r all available on video-on-demand at the Boyride theater (operated by AEBN). You will likely not see these amateurs anywhere else as they search the horizon for that giant wave and follow their dream -- of endless summer, endless fun.   

Our best to you, from J.D.Cole, Landon, and Donovan. The Boyride legend lives on.