Skye, Lane and Raif - Boyride

"I got two surfers - short-haired Lane and long-haired Raif - together with skateboarding hottie Skye. They seem to hit it off, with Raif and Lane taking the initiative by sucking each other's cocks. Then Skye sneaks in so he can get some action, too!"

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Friends of Boyride



Ian - Boyride

Donovan discovered Ian hanging out at an arcade downtown. He's got such a devilish smile that Donovan knew Ian would be down for some on-camera fun. In fact, after this shoot Ian kept coming back for more!

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Gavin and Holden - Boyride

Both Gavin and Holden have fooled around with other guys, but they admit it was pretty tame. So when I told them I wanted them to suck each other's cocks they were both nervous but very, very excited!

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Keefer - Boyride

I knew anyone who loved cute boys, skaters, or tattoos would be instantly attracted to Keefer. This guy is hot! And without a buddy around to work his tight hole - which he loves - I offered him a toy to play with. I`ve never seen anyone work their own ass the way he did!

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Gaige and Cress - Boyride

Gaige loves the feeling of his dick shoved deep inside a willing hole, but he doesn't often get the chance to fuck around with another guy. I knew Cress, with his insatiable ass, would be the perfect person to help poor Gaige out!

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Rex - Boyride

I liked Rex from the moment I met him. He's young. And cute. And seemed a little too innocent to be performing on cam. But as the clothes came off - and he showed me his FOURTEEN piercings - I quickly realized what a kinky SOB he was!

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Neelan - Boyride

My buddy Donovan discovered this 18-year-old gem skateboarding in the neighborhood. Neelan is cute, but the first thing Donovan noticed was the bulge in Neelan's shorts. And he shoots a load to match the size of his cock!

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Aeden - Boyride

Aeden has a cock that has to be seen to be believed. It's twelve to thirteen inches, no lie. His pole comes out hard while he moans and writhes with pleasure as he works it with both hands and his mouth! Yep the boy can suck his own cock which is totally hot!

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Adam - Boyride

If you've always wanted an authentic, hot-as-hell straight surfer dude then you will love Adam. As he strips out of his wet-suit to show off his sweet uncut cock, you'll be ready to cream your pants. And he's just getting started!

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Dustin - Boyride

Dustin thought he was here to do some modeling for an ad campaign. It took a little convincing to get him to strip down and work his cock for me, but he eventually admitted to being totally horny and in need of some extra cash!

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