Lane and Tony - Boyride

Tony and Lane finally find a place where they can really get to know each other. Lane's thick uncut dick is hard once he sees Tony's tattooed shaft. Lane is even more impressed by the seemingly endless supply of jizz that shoots from Tony's cock!

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Brady and Justyn - Boyride

Justyn is back, and this time he's brought along a little help. These two skater studs go at each other with the noisy, furious energy of a couple of sex starved animals. The dudes suck, lick, and sixty-nine before flip-flop fucking, filling their partner's hole with rock hard skater cock!

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Lane - Boyride

Lane is alone at an abandoned beach looking for a place to get his rocks off. With boogie board in tow, he finds the perfect spot and gets down to business. He peals off his tanktop to reveal his perfect pecs and tight abs. When his shorts come off his thick uncut rod is already stiff and ready for action!

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